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People have been playing various card games for several decades already. Rummy, along with Poker, is one of the most played card games around the world. Societies alter the classic version of the game to match their culture and liking. It resulted in several variations that have made their way across the globe. There are plenty of rummy games to play for all kinds of people. Here are some of the best versions you should not miss out on.

Contract Rummy

This version is one of the most played among all variations of this game. There are some minor differences in how people play it depending on the location. The basic rule stays the same though. Each player receives a series of about five to seven hands. Each hand has its set of rules determining how a player wins the points and how to go out. One example is a deal that requires a player to have one set and one run to win the game. Another example is when a player needs two sequences or two sets. Three to eight players can play Contract Rummy. A game of three to four calls for two decks plus a Joker. If there are five or more players, then you need three decks and two jokers. Most other aspects of the game are the same as that of the classic rummy version.

Online Card Games

Continental Rummy

This variation of rummy is increasing in popularity because it is great for a large group of players. There can be from two up to twelve people playing the game. The number of decks used depends on how many people are playing. Count the number of players and then divide it by two. Use two decks for a game with three to four players. For a game of five to six, use three decks. Each player receives fifteen cards in sets of three. The aim is to win the game by forming sets and runs from all the cards in the hand. Matched sets are not counted in Continental Rummy, only sequences. The player who disposes of all cards first ends up winning the game. The winner also gets one point from each player, two points for each Joker, and another for a deuce.

Pinochle Rummy or 500 Rum

Players get ten cards each for a standard Rummy game. In this variation, when there are two players, each receives thirteen cards. This game is great for two to eight players. Melded combinations have corresponding points. Deadwood means deduction in points. The player who gets five hundred points first wins the game. This variation is quite like the standard version with only small differences. The options on how a player can go down are similar in both versions. A player can meld, lay off, or discard cards.

It is crucial to understand the exact rules of which version you plan to play before starting a game. Only when you know all the rules will you be able to come up with an excellent strategy.